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Mongolia’s Growth Moderates amid Global Uncertainties

[Нийтэлсэн: 01.04.2016] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Growth is slowing across much of developing Asia as a result of the continued weak recovery in major industrial economies and softer growth for the People’s Republic of China (PRC). This will combine to push growth in developing Asia for 2015 and 2016 below previous projections, says a new Asian Development Bank (ADB) report.

Mongolia GDP Slows to Weakest Since 2009 Amid Commodities Crash

[Нийтэлсэн: 17.02.2016] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Mongolia’s gross domestic product slowed in 2015 to the weakest pace since 2009, as foreign investment dried up amid protracted disputes with investors, dragging down an economy already battered by weak commodities prices.

Default risk rises as Mongolia’s commodities boom turns to bust

[Нийтэлсэн: 05.12.2015] [Эх сурвалж: ]

HONG KONG When the sturdy body of S. Erdene was enveloped in flames, Mongolia was brought face to face with the perils faced by its commodity-dependent economy in the most graphic way possible.

Rio Tinto CEO sets new cost cuts as projects go ahead

[Нийтэлсэн: 17.04.2013] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Rio Tinto will initiate major cost-cutting measures under its new chief executive as the Anglo-Australian miner combats a sharp downturn in demand for industrial commodities.

Europe Braces for Fresh Turmoil With Cyprus Deposit Levy

[Нийтэлсэн: 18.03.2013] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Europe braced for renewed turmoil as outrage in Cyprus over an unprecedented levy on bank deposits threatened to derail the nation’s bailout. The euro tumbled.

Australia’s growth prospects downgraded by IMF on commodities dependence

[Нийтэлсэн: 09.10.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

The International Monetary Fund’s 2013 growth forecast for Australia has been moderately reduced due to the country’s significant exposure to international commodities markets.

IMF Sees ‘Alarmingly High’ Risk of Deeper Global Slump

[Нийтэлсэн: 09.10.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

The International Monetary Fund cut its global growth forecasts as the euro area’s debt crisis intensifies and warned of even slower expansion unless officials in the U.S. and Europe address threats to their economies.

World Bank Cuts Asia Growth Forecast

[Нийтэлсэн: 08.10.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

The World Bank cut its growth forecast for Asia on Monday in a new sign of the impact of weakening global demand and warned China’s cooling economy faces the risk of a “more pronounced slowdown.”

ASIA CREDIT CLOSE: Spreads widen as new issues underperform

[Нийтэлсэн: 27.09.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Asian credit markets extended their losing streak on Wednesday as investors struggled to digest new issues and aggressive pricing at a time of slowing economic growth.

Coal, iron-ore crunch boosts stake sales in Asia mines

[Нийтэлсэн: 24.09.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

A shake-out from sliding iron-ore and coal prices has touched off a spate of asset sales as tough times spread from Australia to Indonesia and could boost deal activity in what has been a lean year in the mining sector.

US:15 of 19 Big Banks Pass Fed’s Latest Stress Tes

[Нийтэлсэн: 14.03.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

The Federal Reserve had a key take-away from the latest round of stress tests: most big banks are in good shape.

Bank Deposit Flows Show Money Leaking to Germany From Spain: Euro Credit

[Нийтэлсэн: 24.02.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Money is leaking out of banks in southern Europe as customers scoop deposits out of Greece, Spain and Italy to move cash to less indebted nations such as Germany.

China pushes capital control reforms

[Нийтэлсэн: 23.02.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

China should accelerate the loosening of capital controls, the central bank has said in a landmark report that outlines the path to a critical reform for the economy.

New Push for Reform in China

[Нийтэлсэн: 23.02.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

An exclusive preview of an economic report on China, prepared by the World Bank and government insiders considered to have the ear of the nation’s leaders, offers a surprising prescription: China could face an economic crisis unless it implements deep reforms, including scaling back its vast state-owned enterprises and making them operate more like commercial [...]

Moody’s shifts outlook for UK and France

[Нийтэлсэн: 14.02.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Moody’s put the UK, France and Austria on negative outlook late on Monday night, raising the prospect that the three countries would lose their triple A ratings due to exposure to the eurozone debt crisis.

China tells banks to roll over loans

[Нийтэлсэн: 13.02.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

China has instructed its banks to embark on a mammoth roll-over of loans to local governments, delaying the country’s reckoning with debts that have clouded its economic prospects.

Euro Crisis a Danger to China, IMF Warns

[Нийтэлсэн: 07.02.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Beijing. A sharp downturn in Europe could cut China’s economic growth rate nearly in half, the International Monetary Fund said on Monday, adding to warnings about a possible severe global slowdown this year.

Китай заходит на жесткую посадку

[Нийтэлсэн: 02.02.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Китайская экономика начинает «жесткую посадку», говорит экономист Гэри Шиллинг, верно предсказавший рецессию 2007 года. Уже в 2012 году проблемы испытает сектор недвижимости, потом они перекинутся на строительство и кредитование. Темпы роста могут сократиться с 10% до 6%. Вместе с европейским долговым кризисом это приведет к существенному замедлению мировой экономики.

Fitch:APAC bank rating outlook broadly stable; downside risks exist

[Нийтэлсэн: 01.02.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Fitch Ratings says the ratings Outlook for banks in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is Stable and reflects the ability, at the banks’ existing rating levels, to weather the weaker global economy and/or the expected ability and willingness of the respective sovereign to provide support. Key elements to this rating Outlook include the ability to absorb [...]


[Нийтэлсэн: 31.01.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

According to Government of Mongolia on January 30,2012, during first cabinet meeting of Government formed exclusively by Mongolian People’s Party after exit of Democratic Party from Coalition Government Prime Minister of Mongolia S. Batbold has said

Economic outlook darkens for eastern Europe

[Нийтэлсэн: 27.01.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

The economic outlook for much of eastern Europe is continuing to darken as the eurozone crisis refuses to abate and western banks reduce lending in the region, according to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


[Нийтэлсэн: 26.01.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

According to IMF on January 25,2011 IMF Representative to Mongolia Stephen Barnett stated following to Mongolian media

Fitch ухудшило прогноз по рейтингу РФ из-за политической неопределенности

[Нийтэлсэн: 16.01.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Международное рейтинговое агентство Fitch в понедельник подтвердило долгосрочный суверенный рейтинг дефолта эмитента (РДЭ) России на уровне «BBB» и ухудшило прогноз по нему до «стабильного» с «позитивного». Об этом сообщила пресс-служба Fitch.

Chinese foreign exchange reserves shrink

[Нийтэлсэн: 15.01.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

China’s gargantuan stash of foreign exchange reserves has got a little bit smaller, shrinking in the final quarter of 2011 for the first time in more than a decade. China’s reserves fell by $20.5bn as its trade surplus decreased and capital flowed out of the country, much like other emerging markets. It was the first [...]

Три причины падения евро

[Нийтэлсэн: 10.01.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Хрестоматийная истина гласит: если курс валюты растет — дела в экономике идут хорошо, если падает — плохо. С этой точки зрения динамика европейской денежной единицы в начале 2012 года выглядит достаточно тревожно. Уходящий год мы провожали примерно на уровне 1,2950 доллара США за евро, а 9 января котировки в какой-то момент опустились ниже отметки 1,27. [...]

Analysis: For euro zone, the heat is on again

[Нийтэлсэн: 09.01.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

The euro zone crisis seemed to vanish from the headlines for a brief moment as 2011 ticked over into 2012, but it is about to return with a vengeance.

Mega Trends 2012 and their Impacts

[Нийтэлсэн: 09.01.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

To arrive at an outlook for the year ahead we first need to analyze the big trends that endure for decades and in some cases even longer.

Der Spiegel: МВФ потерял надежду на спасение Греции

[Нийтэлсэн: 08.01.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

По информации издания Der Spiegel, в МВФ считают необходимым изменить план по спасению Греции с учетом ухудшившейся экономической ситуации. Одной из мер может быть увеличение помощи со стороны других европейских стран.

Венгрия: правый популизм доведет до дефолта

[Нийтэлсэн: 08.01.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Некогда весьма благополучная Венгрия стала новым очагом долгового кризиса в Европейском Союзе. Собственно, острые финансовые проблемы начались у этой страны еще во время всемирного финансового кризиса. В октябре 2008 года Венгрия оказалась первым государством ЕС, которому Брюссель вместе с Международным валютным фондом (МВФ) срочно выделил финансовую помощь. И вот к началу 2012 года ситуация вновь [...]


[Нийтэлсэн: 07.01.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Generating this year’s Outrageous Predictions has been even more of a pleasure than usual, as it seems that never before have there been so many path uncertainties for the future, so we have had an infinite variety of scenarios to draw on. As usual, we try to keep at least a measure of consistency across [...]


Copper price pulls back on rising USD
[Нийтэлсэн: 25.07.2016 ]
[Эх сурвалж: ]
Hot Money Fleeing Negative Yields Shelters in Outer Mongolia
[Нийтэлсэн: 24.07.2016 ]
[Эх сурвалж: ]
Mongolian judges spend week in McAllen, experience court system
[Нийтэлсэн: 24.07.2016 ]
[Эх сурвалж: ]
Bankhar are back on the beat as Mongolian herders
[Нийтэлсэн: 24.07.2016 ]
[Эх сурвалж: ]
Liquidators appointed to Mongolian Mining Corp.
[Нийтэлсэн: 23.07.2016 ]
[Эх сурвалж: ]
Mongolia’s new government seeks stronger relations with China
[Нийтэлсэн: 17.07.2016 ]
[Эх сурвалж: ]
Mongolia Celebrates Naadam, Prepares to Host ASEM Summit
[Нийтэлсэн: 14.07.2016 ]
[Эх сурвалж: ]
Thermal coal price hits 10-month high as Chinese buyers snap up cargoes
[Нийтэлсэн: 14.07.2016 ]
[Эх сурвалж: ]

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