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Champagne is now a protected name in the land of Gengis Khan

[Нийтэлсэн: 10:17 06.11.2014 ]


Whilst the United States of America and the Russian Federation continue to drag their feet, the Republic of Mongolia has just officially recognised the geographical indication of Champagne. The Director General of the Mongolian Intellectual Property Office, Chinbat Namjil has officially presented his counterpart at the Champagne Marketing Board CIVC, Jean-Luc Barbier, with a protection certificate for the Champagne appellation in Mongolia. “A geographical indication is a specific intellectual property right,” pointed out the CIVC, which is constantly monitoring any potential misuse of its appellation. For the record, Champagne was officially recognised in the Popular Republic of China in 2013.

In 2013, the Champagne region shipped 11,631 bottles of Champagne to the Mongolian market (-7.5% compared with 2012, but 58 times more than in 2004), equating to 0.00004% of its total exports.

[Photo: Front row from left to right – Yves Delaunay (French Ambassador to Mongolia),Chinbat Namjil and Jean-Luc Barbier].


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