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АНУ-д “Golia” нэртэй архи худалдаанд гарч

[Нийтэлсэн: 15:22 16.12.2014 ]


Genghis Khan never left home without the favorite liquid libation of his homeland. Golia, Mongolia’s Ultra Premium Vodka, is award winning, distilled at least 6 times, organic, and strongly supported by numerous marketing and sales support programs.

Golia is that rare vodka indeed – where a truly superior product is backed by equally strong marketing. In vodka, it’s similarly rare to have the finest ingredients paired with the finest distillation and filtration process. It all starts with the purest deep underground mountain well water fed from the Khuiten Peak (untouched by man and chemicals), prized nutrient rich winter wheat cultivated according to ancient no-till farming traditions and also untouched by fertilizers, pesticides or chemicals, alpha grade spirit (the highest grade) made in the same distillery where we produce our vodka to ensure quality control, and then we painstakingly distill each batch through charcoal, quartz, silver and platinum filters at least 6 times till all impurities- including gluten- are removed. Take the smoothest vodka recipe on earth, complement with quality on and off premise marketing programs, stir and you’ve got Golia Vodka. Toktoy! (Mongolian for “Cheers!”).

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