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The Yurt: Mongolian living in North Dakota

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Here’s a chance to disconnect from technology and live like they used to way back when.

Alicia Ewen reports on what it’s like staying in a yurt. “A lot of people will come up and say what’s the deal with the grain bins over there.” said Eric Lang, Cross Ranch National Park Manager. What looks like a piece of farm equipment is actually a little piece of history– recorded back in time — in ancient Mongolia. “We got really interested and then we decided it would be a good fit for cross ranch” said Lang.

These circular houses are call yurts. “I don’t think there’s anyone that can’t get some enjoyment out of some part or whatever of the yurt.” said Lang

Originally made of logs and mud, these yurts provide North Dakotans with a one of a kind camping experience. “I think just the opportunity for people to rent yurts and be able to have that unique experience.” said Lang.

Every Yurt has their own guest book where people can write their own experiences in it. J&M McMullen from Buffalo, North Dakota wrote if only walls could talk. What a good idea to have Yurts in a State Park. Here’s to happiness and delight in all of the small wonders of nature. “I think people feel like they can really get in touch with nature and kind of have the place to themselves.” said Lang

So despite having perks that people three thousand years ago might not have, It’s what’s outside the yurt that continues to captivate people to this day.

“They really like the opportunity check out the stars at night and see birds as they fly through during the day.” said Lang

Regardless of where you might be staying. Reporting from Cross Ranch State Park, I’m Alicia Ewen.

Lang said that the amount of yurt reservations is almost catching up to the amount of cabin reservations at Cross Ranch State Park.

By Alicia Ewen


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