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China Inner Mongolia Attack Due to Border Dispute

[Нийтэлсэн: 09.12.2015] [Эх сурвалж: ]

It has been reported that a number of arrests have now been made in connection with an attack on a police outpost in Inner Mongolia.

Mongolia, DPRK Pledge to Boost Cooperation

[Нийтэлсэн: 20.11.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Mongolia and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) pledged in Ulan Bator on Monday that they would boost bilateral cooperation in various fields.

Senior Military Official in Mongolia to Expand Co-op

[Нийтэлсэн: 10.05.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

A senior Chinese military official described the China-Mongolia border as a bridge of friendship at the start of a visit to Mongolia Wednesday night to promote ties between the two militaries.

Senior US Military Official in Mongolia to Discuss Further Cooperation

[Нийтэлсэн: 06.05.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Top defense officials from Mongolia and the United States here on Saturday discussed ways to boost bilateral military cooperation.

Second Mongolian-language TV Channel Begins Broadcast

[Нийтэлсэн: 02.01.2012] [Эх сурвалж: ]

The second, non-commercial TV channel to broadcast only in the Mongolian language is launched on Sunday in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, local authorities said.

Mongolia Faces Worsening Water Shortages: Official

[Нийтэлсэн: 02.11.2011] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Mongolia will face worsening water shortages due to decreased rainfall and rising temperatures, an official warned Tuesday. D. Dorjsuren, secretary general of the National Water Committee, said at a seminar that Mongolia’s average annual temperature has risen 1.9 degrees Celsius during the past 60 years while annual rainfall has fallen by about 10 percent.

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Visits Mongolia

[Нийтэлсэн: 17.10.2011] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Mongolian Prime Minister Sukhbaatar Batbold met here Saturday with visiting former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. According to the governmental press service, the two discussed cooperation between their countries in international peacekeeping operations. The service said that Rumsfeld thanked Ulan Bator for its contributions to peacekeeping efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. No more details were [...]

Монголия и Республика Корея заключат генеральное соглашение о льготных кредитах

[Нийтэлсэн: 14.09.2011] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Правительства Монголии и Республики Корея /РК/ заключат генеральное соглашение о льготных кредитах, которые будут предоставляться в рамках сотрудничества с Фондом развития / EDCF / Республики Корея в 2011-2015 годах. Проект соглашения был поддержан в среду на заседании парламента Монголии, после чего направлен соответствующим постоянным комиссиям парламента. Об этом в пятницусообщили на официальном сайте правительства Монголии.

Mongolian Province to Attract Foreign Investment

[Нийтэлсэн: 18.04.2011] [Эх сурвалж: ]

A two-day investment forum aimed at boosting development in Mongolia’s Dornogobi province will be a new start to attract investors to the landlocked Asian nation, a senior official has said. “Many companies are interested in investing in our province as we are going to have a large infrastructure project in the province,” Dornogobi governor P. [...]

Mongolian Parliament Speaker Lauds China-Mongolia Ties

[Нийтэлсэн: 06.01.2011] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Deputy Speaker Batkhuu Gavaa of Mongolia’s parliament on Wednesday spoke highly of the China-Mongolia relationship during a meeting with outgoing Chinese Ambassador Yu Hongyao. “China and Mongolia are eternal neighbors. During the last decade, China has been Mongolia’s top foreign direct investor and trade partner,” Batkhuu said when receiving Yu before his departure.

Mongolia, U.S. Vow to Enhance Defense Cooperation

[Нийтэлсэн: 21.08.2010] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Mongolian Prime Minister Sukhbaatar Batbold and a visiting senior U.S. defense official reaffirmed their willingness to enhance cooperation in security and defense sectors, the Mongolian government said Friday. Mongolia is working with the United States in strengthening international as well regional security and will extend their cooperation to help strengthen and maintain security in Asia [...]


Metallurgical coal prices starting to slip: Fitch
[Нийтэлсэн: 02.10.2018 ]
[Эх сурвалж: ]
Copper price plunges to 1-year low
[Нийтэлсэн: 14.07.2018 ]
[Эх сурвалж: ]
Global Religion and the United Front: The Case of Mongolia
[Нийтэлсэн: 11.07.2018 ]
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Thermal coal prices hit 6-year high
[Нийтэлсэн: 09.07.2018 ]
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Former Rio Tinto exec jailed for corruption in China let free
[Нийтэлсэн: 09.07.2018 ]
[Эх сурвалж: ]
Copper price rallies to highest since January 2014
[Нийтэлсэн: 08.06.2018 ]
[Эх сурвалж: ]

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