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Mongolians love their Prius hybrids

[Нийтэлсэн: 20.07.2017] [Эх сурвалж: ]

ULAANBAATAR — An authorized Toyota Motor dealership stands out along a road that takes us from an airport here to the city center.

Mongolian voters book a return trip to the polls

[Нийтэлсэн: 01.07.2017] [Эх сурвалж: ]

ULAANBAATAR Mongolia is headed for the first runoff presidential election in its history, after all three candidates failed to secure an outright majority in voting on June 26.

Guardian dogs conserve ecology of Mongolian steppes

[Нийтэлсэн: 23.01.2017] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Bruce Elfstrom got a first-hand look at the fragility of Mongolian nomads’ existence while producing a documentary in 2004.

Economic gods may be smiling again at Mongolia

[Нийтэлсэн: 15.12.2016] [Эх сурвалж: ]

The international financial community’s confidence in the Mongolian government’s capability in delivering reforms and debt services seems to be ameliorating after a long slump. That was an impression left by an investment-promotion conference held in Tokyo last week, attended by representatives of foreign lenders and investors as well as officials at the country’s central bank [...]

Japanese ramen chain eyes Mongolia, Greece in overseas expansion

[Нийтэлсэн: 30.10.2016] [Эх сурвалж: ]

A ramen restaurant chain operator in Japan is going off the beaten path to target markets including Mongolia and Greece, with unique menu tweaks such as use of lamb in Mongolia.

Mongolian PM on mission to halve budget deficit ratio to 9%

[Нийтэлсэн: 17.10.2016] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Mongolian Prime Minister Jargaltulga Erdenebat aims to slash his government’s budget deficit for fiscal 2017 in half, as a percentage of gross domestic product.

What the IMF’s return means for Mongolia

[Нийтэлсэн: 14.10.2016] [Эх сурвалж: ]

The story of Mongolia’s relationship with the International Monetary Fund is a tale of geopolitics, local greed, mismanagement and uneasy ties with Chinese and Western investors. The return of the IMF to Ulaanbaatar is a harsh wake-up call for Mongolians and investors alike.

AirBnB on the Mongolian steppe, where tech meets tourism

[Нийтэлсэн: 17.09.2016] [Эх сурвалж: ]

TOV PROVINCE, Mongolia — On the vast green Mongolian grasslands, something interesting is happening: Enterprising nomadic herders have started using AirBnB to reach out to a world beyond their pastures, promoting their humble yurts as accommodations to a growing number of intrepid tourists.

Japan-Mongolia ties shifting from aid to economic exchange

[Нийтэлсэн: 17.06.2016] [Эх сурвалж: ]

ULAANBAATAR — Hopes are high that a bilateral agreement now in force between Japan and Mongolia will spur economic exchange.

Mongolia’s ‘next chapter’ is infrastructure

[Нийтэлсэн: 12.12.2015] [Эх сурвалж: ]

TOKYO — The commodity supercycle is dead, according to some estimates. For a resource-based economy like Mongolia, heavily dependent on its coal-hungry neighbor China, that cannot bode well for the future. Yet Bayanjargal Byambasaikhan, CEO of the country’s largest state-owned resource developer, Erdenes Mongol, says Mongolia is entering a new chapter of development, and that [...]

Default risk rises as Mongolia’s commodities boom turns to bust

[Нийтэлсэн: 05.12.2015] [Эх сурвалж: ]

HONG KONG When the sturdy body of S. Erdene was enveloped in flames, Mongolia was brought face to face with the perils faced by its commodity-dependent economy in the most graphic way possible.

Mongolia’s Golomt Financial diving into equipment leasing

[Нийтэлсэн: 27.09.2015] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Mongolian lending giant Golomt Financial Group will expand into the leasing business in response to surging domestic demand for industrial equipment.

China crisis shock waves could hit Mongolia hardest: UBS

[Нийтэлсэн: 22.02.2014] [Эх сурвалж: ]

HONG KONG — China’s local government debt, shadow banking and attempts at structural reform have left the country on a precipice. If it falls over the edge, which countries will be hit hardest, asks UBS.

Mongolia pitches reforms to foreign investors

[Нийтэлсэн: 07.12.2013] [Эх сурвалж: ]

Mongolian officials are embarking on a world tour to convince foreign investors to place their cash in the resource-rich Central Asian nation. The move comes as plans are finalized for the country’s first yen-denominated bond issuance before year-end.


Mongolia Celebrates 60 Years in the United Nations
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SouthGobi Announces Profit Warning and Business Update
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Coal truckers stuck at Mongolia-China border
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Chile protests take toll on Antofagasta quarterly output
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Metallurgical coal prices starting to slip: Fitch
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Copper price plunges to 1-year low
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Global Religion and the United Front: The Case of Mongolia
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Thermal coal prices hit 6-year high
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Former Rio Tinto exec jailed for corruption in China let free
[Нийтэлсэн: 09.07.2018 ]
[Эх сурвалж: ]

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